I'm Rob - an online marketing specialist from the UK

With both programming and marketing skills, I love trying to sell to the world

About Me

I've been working in the online sector for over 14 years now since I started building websites for clients at age 14. Since starting web design way back then, I've varied my skills greatly moving from role to role. Although I've always retained my front end design skills, I've also worked with server side langauges such as PHP and MySQL for many years and now consider those to be my main strenghs in terms of programming.

I've worked on both a freelance and in-house basis. I have a BSc in Web Design & Development and I've worked in the UK, Thailand and Spain previously and love to work abroad. A key part of my ethos is to offer a high level of service and reliability to my clients whilst maintaining my ability to operate from various countries. I take the utmost pride in project management and ensuring that goals and targets are both set and achieved.

Currently I'm head media buyer for a marketing company and I've moved more into the roll of general day-to-day management of budgets and data analysis. I've also diversified into reviewing UX and SEO and have a wide ranges of skills to help me succeed in online business.

I'm not currently looking for any employment opportunites per se, however I am interested in meeting passionate entrepeuners who might be interested in considering what skills I could bring to their projects. Likewise, I'm always looking to come up with that next big idea!

My Skills and Languages

  • PHP
  • Mysql
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript/jQuery
  • Laravel
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Basic SEO
  • E-commerce