About me

Hi there, I'm Rob Pullen - a web designer and developer from Kingston upon Hull, UK with a keen interest in marketing. I've been working with websites for the past 12 years and have worked on both a freelance and in-house basis. I have a BSc in Web Design & Development and I've worked in the UK, Thailand and Spain previously and love to work abroad.

A key part of my ethos is to offer a high level of service and reliability to my clients whilst maintaining my ability to operate from various countries. I take the utmost pride in project management and ensuring that goals and targets are both set and achieved.

I've been working within the online marketing industry for the past few years and have an interest in the overall process including social media marketing, conversion rate optimisation and user experience. I'd gladly welcome any projects working within these areas.

In terms of web design and development my skillset is primarily back-end working with; PHP, MySQL, Laravel, Git and Apache. I also work on front-end projects using HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery and Photoshop. I'm currently trying to add a third area to my skillset consisting of UX, IxD and general skills relevant to online marketing.

Can you Sell?

If you're currently reading this and happen to have sales skills and want to make some quick money; I'm currently selling the following personalised domains and will be happy to discuss commission rates if you think that you have what it takes to make a sale.